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When playing, don't forget the Goodie Giveaways motto: "Spend Small Win Big".
Our prize draws are designed with fun in mind, but it is important to remember that when the fun stops, stop.
We have maximum entry limits on each competition to maintain a fun, safe environment where you can spend small and hopefully, win big!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our motto is ‘Spend Small WIN BIG’. This means that not only will our prizes always have a low entry price, but the prizes will always be big too! We also cap all of our competitions to give you a realistic chance of winning.

Entering is easy!

  • Choose a competition to enter.
  • Answer the skill-based question. This question will be related to the prize.
  • Pick your colour / size of choice (if applicable)
  • Each competition has a max entry limit.
    • If you enter 10 times into one competition, you will automatically receive 20% off your entry price.

Entries are always capped so you have a realistic chance of winning.

After entering, you will receive a confirmation email and your order details will be in ‘Recent Orders’ within Your Account.

Then, simply wait for the prize draw. Once a competition reaches its max entry cap or the time expires, it will feature in the weekly live prize draw. These are hosted via the Goodie Giveaways  Facebook Live page.



We announce our winners in the live prize draw on Facebook live. We also upload prize draw videos to our Winners PageYouTube page afterwards.

Don’t worry if you miss the prize draw, we will email you confirming your victory!

  1. We will email you with confirmation that you have won.
  2. Your prize will be dispatched within 2 working days for FREE & delivered via an express tracked service.
  3. Celebrate & Enjoy!
  • After a competition reaches its entry cap, it will move into the prize draw queue. A winner will be revealed in the next live prize draw.
  • We use the Google Random Number Generator to fairly pick a winner.
  • You can watch our prize draws via Facebook Live on our Facebook page.
  • After the live stream is over, footage is uploaded to our Winners Page & YouTube Page.
  • Winners also receive an email confirming they have won!

We want our competitions to suit everyone, so we’re always looking to add different prizes.

From tech bundles, to clothing, to holidays, to event tickets – you can expect to see some amazing prizes!

We are always open to suggestions. If you have an idea of a prize that you’d like to have a chance of winning, then contact us via our Contact Form.

  • Account login details are securely encrypted and stored on WooCommerce secure servers.
  • We only use trusted, secure payment providers to ensure that your payment data always remains safe. You have the option to pay via Stripe or PayPal on our site – both of which are secure, trusted payment providers. This ensures maximal security for our customers.

Take a look at our privacy policy page to see how data is stored.

After creating an account with Goodie Giveaways, you can view recent orders and change personal details all in one place.

For privacy & security reasons, you can not place an order without first creating an account.

  • When creating an account, we strongly advise you to keep the: ‘I want to receive account updates, discounts & promotions’ box ticked. This is because we like to share exclusive discount codes & promotions with our customers via email. However, we can’t share discounts with you unless you keep this box ticked.

We will never spam you with unnecessary emails. Our aim is to improve your experience.

You can expect to receive:

    • Order confirmations.
    • Discounts & Promotions.
    • Important updates.

At Goodie Giveaways, we LOVE to reward loyalty.

  • By creating an account with us, you will automatically receive an email with a FREE ENTRY COUPON.
  • If you enter 10 times into one competition, you will automatically receive 20% off your entry price.
  • After spending a total of £50 with us, you will become a V.I.P customer. This means that you will receive BIG rewards, such as £10 discount vouchers and other great rewards to show our gratitude!

So long as you sign up to ‘receive account updates, discounts & promotions’, you will regularly be able to take advantage of exclusive discounts, promotions & resources.

To ensure maximal security for your personal data, we only use trusted, secure payment providers for processing payments.

The checkout process is easy. You can pay with a credit or debit card via Stripe, or alternatively via Paypal.

If you are a lucky winner then your prize will be shipped to you FAST & FREE!

  • After the live prize draw, we will process & dispatch your order within 2 working days via an express tracked service.
  • We will cover the shipping cost.

If you miss the live prize draw, then don’t worry!

  • After the live stream is over, footage is uploaded to our Winners Page & YouTube Page.
  • Winners also receive an email confirming they have won!

That’s just it – there isn’t one!

We are the low cost, low odds, HIGH REWARD prize giveaway company.

Unlike other companies who seem to only care about making money, we want our customers to have a fun & fair chance of winning big prizes.

We believe there should be more winners in life, so with Goodie Giveaways Prize Draws – everybody has a chance!

Spend Small WIN BIG with Goodie Giveaways!

We love to hear from our customers. If you have a suggestion or query then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Feedback is very important and we take all of our customers very seriously. If you contact us then you can expect to receive a fast & personal response from one of our friendly team!

You can contact us anytime via our Contact Us page.

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