Where can I win prize bundles?

where can I win prize bundles
Are you looking to win BIG prize bundles where you actually have a chance of winning? Our motto is "spend small win big" - Find out why!

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Where Can I Win Prize Bundles?

Let’s kick this blog off with a simple fact. The place to enter and win Prize Bundles is Goodie Giveaways. Admittedly, there are many prize competition companies online. However, with all bias aside, many of these giveaway companies offer unrealistic odds, high entry prices or complicated sign-up processes. After all, it is for these reasons that Goodie Giveaways was created in the first place! We were frustrated with entering into prize draws and never feeling like winning was a possibility. This is why Goodie Giveaways was formed. Along with entry caps to increase your chances of winning, the Goodie Giveaways Motto is:

Spend Small WIN BIG! 

Our Prize Bundle Competitions can be entered for as little as £0.00. Yes, you read correctly, £0.00! From Amazon bundles, to holidays, to tech bundles, to event tickets – we only offer premium prizes, but NEVER will you pay premium prices. Take a look to the right of your screen for example… Cool prize right? Low entry price hey? Click on that prize and you’ll see that the competition has a maximum entry cap. This means that as soon as the competition reaches that cap, entries will be closed.

So, going back the question of “where can I win prize bundles?” let us re-iterate that Goodie Giveaways is the place. Still not convinced? Read on…

how can I win prize bundles?

How Can I Win Prize Bundles?

To enter into a Goodie Giveaways Competition for the chance to win a prize bundle, follow these simple steps:

  • Create an account.
  • Select a Competition.
  • Answer the skill-based question correctly.
  • Select the number of entries you would like to make.
    • Each competition has a max entry cap of 10 per person.
    • Enter 10 times into 1 competition and receive 20% off the entry price!
  • Checkout!

Once a competition reaches its entry cap, the competition will be closed and a winner will be announced in the next prize draw.

Prize draws run every Sunday @ 7pm GMT LIVE on the Goodie Giveaways Facebook page. Winners are selected at random via the Google Random Number Generator. Don’t worry if you miss the live feed. Prize draws are re-uploaded afterwards to our YouTube channel and also our Winners page. 

If you’re a lucky winner then we will email you right away and dispatch your prize(s) within 1 working day via a FREE express tracked service!

Can I win?

What Kind of Prize Bundles Can I Win?

You can win ANYTHING! We always try to vary our prizes to suit everybody. From single items, to prize bundles, you can win:

  • Games consoles
  • Gaming bundles
  • Concert & Event tickets
  • Gadgets & Tech
  • Items for the home
  • Day Trips, spa breaks & holidays
  • Clothing & fashion
  • Amazon bundles
  • Gift vouchers
  • Cash prizes
  • And much, much more.


Remember that we also regularly run FREE prize draws to keep things fun and affordable for you. For this reason, make sure to keep your eye out for upcoming prizes. The easiest way to keep up-to-date without having to check our Competitions page everyday, is to follow us on Instagram.

With new competitions being added all the time, you can also subscribe to receive email updates. Not only do you get competition updates via email, but also regular offers & discounts as a little thank you for showing loyalty.

Other Competitions:

Do You Have Any Competition Suggestions?

If there hasn’t been any competitions that tickle your fancy then we welcome requests from our customers! At the end of the day, we run these prizes for you. So never hesitate to get in touch with any prize bundle suggestions or general queries.

Remember that Goodie Giveaways is the place that you can Spend Small WIN BIG!

Thanks for reading this article. If you enter a competition then make sure to have fun and play responsibly. Want to chat? Contact Us! 

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where can I win prize bundles

Where can I win prize bundles?

Are you looking to win BIG prize bundles where you actually have a chance of winning? Our motto is “spend small win big” – Find out why!

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